How To “Get In Bed” With Your Perfect Mattress!

Let’s be honest; it can be hard to part ways with your mattress.  It has probably been with you for years, and those lumps and sunken-in places are unique to you.

What is even harder than saying goodbye is taking the leap and investing in a new mattress when it is time to refresh.  It is beyond important to make sure that your new mattress fits YOU perfectly, and we have all of the insider information to make sure that happens!

Think of the things about your current mattress that makes you want to switch it up! Notice if and where it makes you uncomfortable.  Maybe you’ve just hit that 10+ year mark, and the time has come. Either way, know a little bit about what you might want and NOT want when you start shopping!

In-person mattress shopping is almost always the way to go. Go to your local furniture store or mattress dealer, and see what they have to offer. You don’t have to know exactly what you’re looking for, but have an idea!

Do you like a super soft bed that envelopes you? You might like a less firm foam mattress!  Do you experience back pain and maybe need a little extra support? An innerspring mattress might be for you!  The consultants will be able to fill in any gaps that you might not be so sure of, and they will help guide you to what’s best!

Always lie down on the mattress! Don’t feel shy; this mattress is going to be with you for a while, so make sure that you feel comfy. Experts recommend trying out a mattress for around 10-15 minutes in store. And we promise we won’t judge you if you just so happen to doze off!

When you get to the store, DO NOT be scared to ask questions!

A big answer that you need is whether or not the store you choose sells “seconds” or not. A second is a mattress that has been returned for a particular reason and is being resold. While these mattresses might seem like they fit better into your budget, you would be getting a used mattress.

Speaking of budgeting, that leads me to my next point. Save up for a top-of-the-line mattress that gives you everything you want AND need! Mattresses can be expensive; there is no question about that.

But remember, you mattress is going to be with you for a long time. You will be spending at least 8-10 hours everyday in it! Take into consideration the firmness you desire, whether or not you need cooling properties, and where you need the most support.

All of these things might send the price of your mattress up. Find out what is most important to you and what will give you the best night’s sleep and budget for that!

I know it’s cheesy, but when you invest in your mattress you are investing in yourself! Your bed is where you lay your head down at night and where you open your eyes in the morning. You watch TV and relax on it, and you even do you work-from-home on it! It is important that with any mattress you are considering purchasing that it fits your needs to a “T.”  Take the time, do the research, save wisely, and ask questions!

Us at Lott Furniture will be able to help find you the perfect mattress. We sell Sealy products in-store, which are luxe and comfortable mattresses that will last you ages!

This is the Sealy Performance Hybrid bed. Fun fact: it was Consumer Report’s best hybrid bed for three years in a row! It’s a mix of foam and innerspring with cooling and moisture-wicking properties. FYI this is Lott’s Furniture’s personal favorite. Catch us taking quick cat-naps in the middle of the day on this one!

The Bed-In-A-Box’s are our most popular model! They are 100% foam, and they come in three different feels: 8-inch medium firm, 10-inch medium, and 12-inch medium soft. They are also extremely accessible and easy to assemble with no delivery needed!

The Sealy Essentials mattress is amazing for those of you who are looking for the feel of a more traditional innerspring mattress but extremely high quality! It is a little on the firmer side with tons of support!

If you like a pillow-top mattress, this Sealy Essentials is for you. It has a medium soft feel, but it still offers the back support you need!

We are also now introducing our newest addition to the Sealy family: pillows! You can’t have perfect support for your back but none for your head! We have three different pillow models, so swing by to see which ones will suit your new mattress purchase perfectly.

We do not want you to lose any sleep over the quality of your mattress when you have all the tools to find what fits you best! For any questions, call the store to set up a one-on-one appointment to shop for the bed of your dreams!

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Haley Beasley, Lott Furniture CO.






Working from Home: Cozy AND Productive!

Who says you can’t relax and kick your feet up while meeting your work deadlines?

Whether you are running a business or writing blogs, a home office needs to be just as comfy and inviting as, let’s say, your living room while still giving you that inspiration to get things done!

Nothing is easy right now, and I know that doing our part by staying at home is causing us to be a little stir-crazy, but re-organizing or creating your home office can help you feel a little more at ease with your new “work-from-home” life!

1.  Whether you’re sitting at your desk or on the couch, organization is key!

Obviously, investing in a planner of sorts is a must. Finding containers to hold your pens, pencils, paper clips, etc. will also keep your space clean and clutter-free. I used mason jars to organize all of my small pieces needed for my desk!

Even if you are doing your work in the bed while binging your favorite TV show in the background, keeping your space free of extra tid-bits is essential.

Sit up, and make sure your coffee is near and your bedside lamp is on! This will create an environment more accessible to work in!

2. Treat yourself to the PERFECT desk!



Whether you want a desk with a ton of storage or something more streamlined and simple, it will create the perfect centerpiece for a home office that is not only functional but inviting!



This desk from Coaster America is perfect for those of you who want their things out of sight, out of mind! With four drawers of varying depths, you can tuck away everything from your envelopes to your laptop!

Keep it simple on top by adding an office lamp and some fake succulents and you have the perfect space to get that homework done that you’ve been putting off!

If you are anything like me, “organized clutter” is more your jam! As long as you know where everything is, that’s all that matters. Just make sure that your desk speaks to you and your work.


Personally, I am obsessed with color throughout the entire home, but there is no better place for some added fun and inspiration than your home office.

Spice up the space with colorful pillows, seating, organizational bins, and more to make your work environment more inviting and creative!


This floor poof from Creative Co-Op is beautiful with pops of pink and yellow to help foster a happy space!

We are all learning how to continue to keep our creative juices and positivity flowing during this less-than-ideal time in our lives. The most important things is that your home and your space is inspiring to you for whatever you’re doing!

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-Haley Beasley, Lott Furniture Co.


Shop the Show: Home Town Season 4 Episodes 10-15

Like we’ve said before, Home Town is just getting better and better. While you’ve got some extra time at home, get some inspiration from Home Town to refresh your space!

Follow along this post to check out every item from Lott Furniture Co. see on Season 4 of HGTV’s Home Town.

Mauldin House | Laura Good

Gray patterned arm chair, yellow tassel pillow, gray tuxedo sofa, red stripe pillow, brown nailhead chair

Starr House

Gray sofas

Phillips-Stein House

Plaid arm chair

Gray swivel glider chair, Scotsman Co. night table

Masterson House

White bobbin’ chair

White linen skirted sofa

Keith House | Laura Good

Tassel pillow | Laura Good

Gray sideboard, tassel pillow

Douglas House

Scotsman Co. dining table and seagrass bench

Coffee table, round end table

Welcome home new Laurel families! We’re thrilled to have you.

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-Keri Rowell, Lott Furniture Co.

*Disclaimer, all photos in this blog post are taken from HGTV and Laurel Mercantile and are not our property.