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Anna Bell & Joel David Blackmon’s Wedding Registry

Registry Surya “Avant Garde” Rug Surya “Alanya” Rug Purchased Give a Gift Card If you’d rather purchase the couple a gift card to go towards the cost of the rugs or to be used on anything else at Lott Furniture Co., click the button above! *Make sure to type in “anna.rose.bell1@gmail.com” in the ‘recipient email’ […]

2020 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Get in the holiday spirit by eliminating your gift-finding stress. We are quickly nearing Christmas, and it’s time to cross everyone off your list. (So you can enjoy the season, right?) Good news: we’ve done all the hard work. You can thank us later after reading through […]

Christmas at Lott Furniture 2.0

If you are a Laurel-ite, then you are more than aware of how beautiful the town becomes during the holiday season. Beginning at Christmas Open House and ending right before New Years, every shop in Downtown Laurel gets decked out for the holidays with trees, gifts, extravagant window displays, classic Christmas tunes, etc. Everyone is […]

Laurel, Miss. in the Fall

I think I can speak for all of us when I say that this year has felt never-ending. Our summer months were hot and endless, with us longingly looking towards fall. We have been craving those days that start with cool mornings of drinking a steaming cup of coffee on the front porch. The afternoon […]

Get Your Apartment Back-To-School Ready!

  2020 has thrown us into a whirlpool that is not ready to spit us out quite yet, to be honest. During the chaos, schools are starting back up around the country.  If you are starting college in the fall or upcoming spring semester, then maybe you are venturing into renting your first apartment! What […]

How To “Get In Bed” With Your Perfect Mattress!

Let’s be honest; it can be hard to part ways with your mattress.  It has probably been with you for years, and those lumps and sunken-in places are unique to you. What is even harder than saying goodbye is taking the leap and investing in a new mattress when it is time to refresh.  It […]

Working from Home: Cozy AND Productive!

Who says you can’t relax and kick your feet up while meeting your work deadlines? Whether you are running a business or writing blogs, a home office needs to be just as comfy and inviting as, let’s say, your living room while still giving you that inspiration to get things done! Nothing is easy right […]

Shop the Show: Home Town Season 4 Episodes 10-15

Like we’ve said before, Home Town is just getting better and better. While you’ve got some extra time at home, get some inspiration from Home Town to refresh your space! Follow along this post to check out every item from Lott Furniture Co. see on Season 4 of HGTV’s Home Town. Mauldin House Gray patterned […]

Meet the Homeowners: Home Town Season 4 Berry-DeMonte

Did you catch episode 8 of HGTV’s Home Town? Well, it was one of our favorite episodes ever. Josh and Giorgio totally captured our hearts this episode, as well as Hemingway and Seamus, their dogs! In case you didn’t get enough of them or their home, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading for […]

Why Spring Clean When You Can Spring Refresh!

I don’t know about you, but it’s time for me to update my home for spring! This girl is itching for some pops of color and texture to add some fun to my space. Working at a furniture store, you better believe that I have scoured the store for the perfect additions, and I now […]