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Downtown Laurel’s Best Photo Spots

It’s no secret that Downtown Laurel is full of beautiful photo-ops, but we’re sharing a list of the very best. Keep reading for some backdrops to kick up your Instagram feed hand-picked by the locals.  We are so excited to announce a brand new visitor’s resource, Visit Downtown Laurel.  Lott Furniture Co. is proudly sponsoring […]

Laurel Loves Home Town

HGTV Home Town is all about revitalizing Small Town America, as well as nesting and re-nesting new and old Laurel families. We could not be more excited or grateful to have the HGTV team in Laurel for a second season.

Laurel at Christmas

For me, Christmas means spending extra quality time with your loved ones, feeling all warm and cozy, and being grateful for who and what you have. There’s nothing quite like sitting by the fire with your family reminiscing about old times, snacking on homemade Christmas cookies and candy, and waking up on Christmas morning for […]

Concept & Craft: Introducing Wine & Design

There’s nothing quite like making a house feel like home, but sometimes, it’s hard to find a starting point. At Lott Furniture Co., we are here to bring you home, and we’ve been doing just that since 1917. After two events, we are happy to announce that Wine & Design is here to stay! In case you’ve […]

Leading Ladies: Caroline Burks of Guild & Gentry

A budding entrepreneur, mover and shaker, superior pacesetter, and as well as a remarkable neighbor and friend, Caroline Burks is a force to be reckoned with. Caroline lives in a Downtown loft apartment with her husband Cory. Together, they are in the process of finding the perfect, and more permanent, home in Laurel’s historic district. […]

HAND+made by Clairmont & Co.

Downtown Laurel has always been a hub for people and ideas that are truly great. Supremely talented craftsmen, artisans, and creatives of all kinds proudly call The City Beautiful home, and they are bringing Laurel back. HAND+made by Clairmont & Co. is truly one of the most innovative and creative businesses to meet Laurel’s Downtown to […]

#iliveinlaurel: Stories Intertwine

Being a child in Laurel was like a dream, but being an adult here is somehow so much grander. I’ve learned to appreciate the heat, humidity, and all the summer rain. My footfall between the oaks means so much more as I realize the feet that fell before me. The sunlight peaking through the oaks’ leaves, the wisteria, the ancient homes guiding me.

Laurel’s Heyday is Now

It’s no secret that Laurel is on the rise. Although the “secret” or key to the exponential growth we are seeing here is restoration, not renovation. For us, the step forward may just be a step back, and it’s our job to “Bring Laurel back” and make it better than ever.

Innovators & Artisans: Ethan and Leanna Manning

We are natural-born leaders. We are successors of hometown heroes. We are creatives, movers, doers, and hand-makers. We are innovators. And we are artisans. We are what makes the City so Beautiful.  We are Laurel. Innovation and creation are not new to Laurel, Mississippi. From Eastman, to Gardiner, to Rogers, to Mason, our city was […]