2020 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Get in the holiday spirit by eliminating your gift-finding stress.

We are quickly nearing Christmas, and it’s time to cross everyone off your list. (So you can enjoy the season, right?) Good news: we’ve done all the hard work. You can thank us later after reading through our ultimate Lott Furniture Co. gift guide.


For Mom

Tea Towel Set

These $15 tea towel sets are pretty, useful, and won’t break the bank! Trust us, Mom will love these.

2021 Tea Towel Calendar

Seen these before? We have some really cute designs! These are great keepsakes and only $9.

Unwind Modern Sprout Gift Set

This is our favorite gift set, by far! Complete with a planter, lavender grow kit, soy candle, pillow spray, and sleep mask for just $54.99! Come on, your mom deserves it.

For Dad

Lane Recliner

Dads love recliners. It’s a fact of life. Grab him a new one to snooze in after Christmas lunch, starting at $379!

Local Cap

For $30 dollars, you can become the favorite for gifting Dad’s new favorite ball cap.

For Her

Christmas Wishes Ceramic Tray

This is the perfect little serving tray for a Holiday get-together or Santa’s cookies! For $21, it’s a great addition to anyone’s Holiday servingware. (And we have a matching tea towel set too!)

Greenery Ceramic Pitcher

This pitcher is perfect for decoration, for holding floral arrangements, or for any beverage! Also, the design can carry on year round. $43

Trinket Dishes

These are great stocking stuffers or small additions to any gift! Red and Cream Circular Dishes: $7 Diamond: $5

A Custom Piece of Upholstery

Has she been complaining about the sofa or the arm chair? Gift her an appointment to our Design Studio! We now have hundreds of fabrics, leathers, and wood samples to choose from.

For Them

Lott Furniture Co. Candles

Our candles are perfect for anyone on your list! Inspired by Laurel, these scents are calming and nostalgic. We even have some limited edition Holiday scents in the teak bowl vessels! (Lott signature scent, Nellie’s Wassail, Christmas Lights, and Pumpkin Patch) (Year-round scents are Lott, Home, Woods, and Tea)

9oz Amber Vessel $18, 16oz Amber Vessel $28, Teak Bowl Vessel (Limited Edition) $44

Rachel Allene Mugs

At $20, these mugs are a great dirty Santa gift (or for anyone!) Maybe even pair it with a bag of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.

Downtown Laurel Gear

These unisex tees and sweatshirts are great gifts for anyone on your list! $20 S-2XL tees, $40 s-3XL sweatshirts

Solid White Ash Rockers

These are a best-seller! Handmade in the USA, unfinished, and available in 2 sizes. (Standard size pictured at $129, Jumbo is $149)

Update: Standard sold out, Jumbo available

These Mississippi magnets and ornaments are perfect for anyone on your list. Individual magnets: $7 Card, +magnet/ornament $10


Who doesn’t love a unique ornament? We’ve got plenty to choose from. Bring one to an ornament swap, tie it to a gift bag, or give an assortment!

For the Wine-Lover

The perfect gift set for your wine-loving friend is a bottle, wine tote, coaster set, and cheese board!

For the Plant-Lover

Modern Sprout products are great for any plant-lover. Choose from indoor hydroponic growing kits, seedball kits, seed kit ornaments, candle/planters, and more! Not to mention these super cute coaster sets.

For You

Spending more time at home and realizing you need a new mattress? We’ve got you covered! Sealy offers mattresses and pillows for all types of sleepers. Sweet dreams!

We hope this gift-guide crossed everyone off your list! If not, we’ve got one more idea…E-gift cards! These are redeemable online or in-store. Click “Shop Now” below to send one instantly to someone you love.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? We have plenty more to browse in-store. Come by and see us soon!

Happy Holidays from the Lott Furniture Co. Family! We wish you nothing but love and joy this Holiday Season. Please celebrate safely!

-Keri Rowell, Lott Furniture Co.

Christmas at Lott Furniture 2.0

If you are a Laurel-ite, then you are more than aware of how beautiful the town becomes during the holiday season. Beginning at Christmas Open House and ending right before New Years, every shop in Downtown Laurel gets decked out for the holidays with trees, gifts, extravagant window displays, classic Christmas tunes, etc.

Everyone is used to Lott Furniture going all out for Christmas, and this year we have really outdone ourselves. We have extended our gift section, went all in on our window decor, and filled our Christmas trees with ornaments until they are practically tipping over.

The best part of our selection at Lott this year is how many styles that we have to offer to fit any Christmas aesthetic.



If you prefer more of a traditional look for the holidays, this grouping is perfect. We love these matching ornaments and decorative trees with a glittery-birch finish! And this pillow is one of my personal favorite Christmas items in the store.



If you have a more modern or mid-century aesthetic, these pieces are perfect for you! The jewel tones mixed with pops of gold metals are perfect for a modern holidays! These taper holders come in these two styles and could be used after the holidays. And this metal tree actually lights up! So cute!



We all know that rattan and woven pieces are trendy all year-round, but they fit perfectly in with your Christmas decor! This rattan tree is one our favorite holiday pieces in the store. It is perfect for a boho vibe, especially paired with that amazing woven stocking! And look at that pillow!



If you are trying to go against the grain this holiday, these pieces are anything but traditional! We have a huge selection of unique pieces this year at Lott, and these are just a few!  Those Christmas trees are super cute and add a pop of something special to your home! I have a few of those pink ceramic trees throughout my home! We also have felt alphabet ornaments, and do you see that huge ornament in the middle? It is so soft and fun; you just have to come into the store to see it for yourself!

We made sure that Lott Furniture Co. is your one-stop-shop for you Christmas decorations, gifts, etc. We all deserve a wonderful and festive holiday season after this year, and there is nothing better than snuggling up on your couch in a home decked out with pieces that give you Christmas joy!

Laurel, Miss. in the Fall

I think I can speak for all of us when I say that this year has felt never-ending. Our summer months were hot and endless, with us longingly looking towards fall.

We have been craving those days that start with cool mornings of drinking a steaming cup of coffee on the front porch. The afternoon is spent walking among the fall leaves down the avenues after grabbing (possibly) yet another coffee. (Do you sense a theme here?) When the sun goes down, there is nothing better than curling up in a beautiful, fluffy chair with a book.

Those days can’t get here fast enough, but if you step outside you can feel the beginnings of that breeze. We are finally able to break out our sweatshirts and cardigans from the depths of the closet.

I truly believe that someone would be hard-pressed to find a more beautiful city than Laurel in the fall. There is a certain magic to the way everything looks, feels, and even smells. One of the best things about this time is enjoying all of the Laurel attractions in the cool weather.

One of my favorite pastimes when I am off of work is to visit the Lauren Rogers Museum of Art. This renowned museum is smack-dab in the middle of the Laurel Historic District. They consistently have one-of-a-kind exhibits that come through their doors, along with beautiful art from local Mississippi artists and from artists across the world that are in-house year-round. It’s a 5-minute walk to Downtown Laurel, so after you have a relaxing walk through the museum, you can visit Lee’s Coffee and Tea for a vanilla latte and a baked good.

Speaking of Downtown fall beauty, you just cannot miss a stroll through the Historic District of Laurel. Homes that have been here for over one hundred years are still standing today. Whether or not they have been remodeled or in their original state, the architecture of Laurel homes stands apart from any other. And while you’re strolling, you can obviously catch a few safely-distanced glances at some famous HGTV’s Home Town houses that we all know and love!

One of Laurel’s unknown and best qualities is the parks. If you are having a Sunday Autumn afternoon picnic or going for a run, there are quite a few to choose from. My absolute favorite is Gardner Park. It is located right across from 4th Avenue, and it is my favorite spot to take a blanket and a book.


The nightlife of Downtown Laurel is continuously growing into more and more of an attraction in itself. From fine dining at Mimmo’s and The Loft on Central to a quick drink and live show at 320fifthstreet, there are so many places old and new to fill up your night. Most have outdoor seating, so you can social-distance while enjoying the amazing fall weather. The best part is that there are new places opening up every month it seems, each with a unique vibe of its’ own.

There are countless articles and posts about all of the fun things to do in Downtown Laurel, and this one doesn’t change the wheel. But we at Lott Furniture want to let anyone local, anyone visiting, and all of our fellow business-owners know that Laurel is thriving here in our small town. With a lot of hard work and perseverance, we have managed to stay afloat during one of the craziest and heartbreaking times in history. This strong community has come together to uplift each other as well as our guests. So keep visiting, keep coming to our sweet little town to experience the history and beauty that we all know and love so well. Welcome to Laurel!

-Haley Beasley, Lott Furniture Co. 



Get Your Apartment Back-To-School Ready!


2020 has thrown us into a whirlpool that is not ready to spit us out quite yet, to be honest.

During the chaos, schools are starting back up around the country.  If you are starting college in the fall or upcoming spring semester, then maybe you are venturing into renting your first apartment! What better way to find a balance in this crazy time than to make sure your home is cozy, inviting, and a space that inspires productivity!

This sofa and loveseat set pictured above is PERFECT for adding a lounge area to a small apartment! We’ve dressed it with neutral creams, grays, and mauves to add a modern, soft feel. For only $799 for both pieces, this will go quick so make sure to snag it up before you head back to school!

If your space doesn’t allow you to put an entire set in your living room, consider adding only a sofa! This mid-century piece is an upgrade on the classic futon that we all came to know and love in our college years, and it’s even comfier!

Maximizing your space is going to be essential in a small apartment or dorm this year. Space-saving hacks such as storage bins or specifically placed shelving will always be go-to’s to get the most use out of your home! Here at Lott Furniture, we love a blanket ladder! They are stylish and practical to hang up your throws and quilts, but you can even use them to store belts or scarves!

A comfy and sleek chair will be extremely handy for reading, studying, and lounging in your home. Cram for that final in style with these neutral and unique accent chairs that are small enough to fit in any nook and cranny of that studio apartment!

It is very important to try and separate your sleeping area and your work area. I know that we all LOVE to lay on the bed with our laptop and write our 12-page essay, but if you have the room, investing in a small desk can make a huge difference in that rest-work balance. This desk is beautifully made and has enough storage for any school supplies. The style and color fits with any aesthetic, as well!

Your bedroom is the place where you will relax after a long day of classes, practices, rehearsals, studying, etc. Make sure it’s a space that adds peace instead of chaos with warm colors and clean lines. We love this bed from Ben and Erin’s furniture line with Vaughan Bassett! The gray wood makes it easy to dress, but you can get it any three other colors. The ottoman from Coaster that we placed at the end of the bed adds extra seating in a small space, as well!

Whether or not you are moving into a new apartment, dorm, or you are just redecorating your current space to be more school-friendly, using furniture pieces that are comfortable and help you save space is important. Your home should be your spot where you can do your best work and then crash on the couch afterwards with leftovers and Netflix, and any of these pieces and ideas can get you set up for the next semester!

For design advice, sales, email updates and more, click the gold box to sign up for our newsletter! We are always taking appointments to make sure you are getting exactly what you are looking for!

-Haley Beasley, Lott Furniture Co. 

How To “Get In Bed” With Your Perfect Mattress!

Let’s be honest; it can be hard to part ways with your mattress.  It has probably been with you for years, and those lumps and sunken-in places are unique to you.

What is even harder than saying goodbye is taking the leap and investing in a new mattress when it is time to refresh.  It is beyond important to make sure that your new mattress fits YOU perfectly, and we have all of the insider information to make sure that happens!

Think of the things about your current mattress that makes you want to switch it up! Notice if and where it makes you uncomfortable.  Maybe you’ve just hit that 10+ year mark, and the time has come. Either way, know a little bit about what you might want and NOT want when you start shopping!

In-person mattress shopping is almost always the way to go. Go to your local furniture store or mattress dealer, and see what they have to offer. You don’t have to know exactly what you’re looking for, but have an idea!

Do you like a super soft bed that envelopes you? You might like a less firm foam mattress!  Do you experience back pain and maybe need a little extra support? An innerspring mattress might be for you!  The consultants will be able to fill in any gaps that you might not be so sure of, and they will help guide you to what’s best!

Always lie down on the mattress! Don’t feel shy; this mattress is going to be with you for a while, so make sure that you feel comfy. Experts recommend trying out a mattress for around 10-15 minutes in store. And we promise we won’t judge you if you just so happen to doze off!

When you get to the store, DO NOT be scared to ask questions!

A big answer that you need is whether or not the store you choose sells “seconds” or not. A second is a mattress that has been returned for a particular reason and is being resold. While these mattresses might seem like they fit better into your budget, you would be getting a used mattress.

Speaking of budgeting, that leads me to my next point. Save up for a top-of-the-line mattress that gives you everything you want AND need! Mattresses can be expensive; there is no question about that.

But remember, you mattress is going to be with you for a long time. You will be spending at least 8-10 hours everyday in it! Take into consideration the firmness you desire, whether or not you need cooling properties, and where you need the most support.

All of these things might send the price of your mattress up. Find out what is most important to you and what will give you the best night’s sleep and budget for that!

I know it’s cheesy, but when you invest in your mattress you are investing in yourself! Your bed is where you lay your head down at night and where you open your eyes in the morning. You watch TV and relax on it, and you even do you work-from-home on it! It is important that with any mattress you are considering purchasing that it fits your needs to a “T.”  Take the time, do the research, save wisely, and ask questions!

Us at Lott Furniture will be able to help find you the perfect mattress. We sell Sealy products in-store, which are luxe and comfortable mattresses that will last you ages!

This is the Sealy Performance Hybrid bed. Fun fact: it was Consumer Report’s best hybrid bed for three years in a row! It’s a mix of foam and innerspring with cooling and moisture-wicking properties. FYI this is Lott’s Furniture’s personal favorite. Catch us taking quick cat-naps in the middle of the day on this one!

The Bed-In-A-Box’s are our most popular model! They are 100% foam, and they come in three different feels: 8-inch medium firm, 10-inch medium, and 12-inch medium soft. They are also extremely accessible and easy to assemble with no delivery needed!

The Sealy Essentials mattress is amazing for those of you who are looking for the feel of a more traditional innerspring mattress but extremely high quality! It is a little on the firmer side with tons of support!

If you like a pillow-top mattress, this Sealy Essentials is for you. It has a medium soft feel, but it still offers the back support you need!

We are also now introducing our newest addition to the Sealy family: pillows! You can’t have perfect support for your back but none for your head! We have three different pillow models, so swing by to see which ones will suit your new mattress purchase perfectly.

We do not want you to lose any sleep over the quality of your mattress when you have all the tools to find what fits you best! For any questions, call the store to set up a one-on-one appointment to shop for the bed of your dreams!

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Haley Beasley, Lott Furniture CO.






Working from Home: Cozy AND Productive!

Who says you can’t relax and kick your feet up while meeting your work deadlines?

Whether you are running a business or writing blogs, a home office needs to be just as comfy and inviting as, let’s say, your living room while still giving you that inspiration to get things done!

Nothing is easy right now, and I know that doing our part by staying at home is causing us to be a little stir-crazy, but re-organizing or creating your home office can help you feel a little more at ease with your new “work-from-home” life!

1.  Whether you’re sitting at your desk or on the couch, organization is key!

Obviously, investing in a planner of sorts is a must. Finding containers to hold your pens, pencils, paper clips, etc. will also keep your space clean and clutter-free. I used mason jars to organize all of my small pieces needed for my desk!

Even if you are doing your work in the bed while binging your favorite TV show in the background, keeping your space free of extra tid-bits is essential.

Sit up, and make sure your coffee is near and your bedside lamp is on! This will create an environment more accessible to work in!

2. Treat yourself to the PERFECT desk!



Whether you want a desk with a ton of storage or something more streamlined and simple, it will create the perfect centerpiece for a home office that is not only functional but inviting!



This desk from Coaster America is perfect for those of you who want their things out of sight, out of mind! With four drawers of varying depths, you can tuck away everything from your envelopes to your laptop!

Keep it simple on top by adding an office lamp and some fake succulents and you have the perfect space to get that homework done that you’ve been putting off!

If you are anything like me, “organized clutter” is more your jam! As long as you know where everything is, that’s all that matters. Just make sure that your desk speaks to you and your work.


Personally, I am obsessed with color throughout the entire home, but there is no better place for some added fun and inspiration than your home office.

Spice up the space with colorful pillows, seating, organizational bins, and more to make your work environment more inviting and creative!


This floor poof from Creative Co-Op is beautiful with pops of pink and yellow to help foster a happy space!

We are all learning how to continue to keep our creative juices and positivity flowing during this less-than-ideal time in our lives. The most important things is that your home and your space is inspiring to you for whatever you’re doing!

We are here to help. For design advice, sales, email updates, and more, sign up in the gold box! Lott Furniture cannot WAIT to see your beautiful faces soon!

-Haley Beasley, Lott Furniture Co.


Meet the Homeowners: Home Town Season 4 Berry-DeMonte

Did you catch episode 8 of HGTV’s Home Town? Well, it was one of our favorite episodes ever.

Josh and Giorgio totally captured our hearts this episode, as well as Hemingway and Seamus, their dogs! In case you didn’t get enough of them or their home, you’ve come to the right place.

Keep reading for a fun Q & A with the homeowners!

What was your favorite part of doing Home Town?

“Our favorite part of doing Hometown was honestly the crew of hometown. They were so nice, caring, and even funny! We can’t think of a better group of people who LOVE what they do, and it really shows in their work.”

custom sofa by Lott Furniture Co. now in the Berry-DeMonte living room + pillows, rug, and coffee table

Accent chair in Berry-DeMonte guest room. Fun fact: This chair has been seen on Home Town 3 times!

Do you think Erin nailed your style?

“100%. Going into this, We were both unsure how it would look, because while Giorgio and myself have similar style, we are both different enough that combining them could look like a disaster. Erin also nailed the zebra pillows, she had no idea that I [Josh] love zebras.”

laurelmercantile.com (gray sofa, gray chair in living room, black leather chair from Lott Furniture Co.)

What’s your favorite piece of furniture in your home?

“Our favorite furniture piece is the Desk. We know it has deep roots in this community and your family’s and we couldn’t be happier to extend that legacy.”

Josh + Giorgio’s office today, featuring our vintage desk and chair

The desk and chair were my grandfather’s, Willie Joe Rowell, the owner of Smith Furniture Co. This other furniture store was located where Laurel Mercantile Co. is today!

I don’t have anything else of my grandfather’s besides photos, so his desk is really special to me. I can’t think of a better place to have it used again.

What would you recommend to prospective Laurel homeowners?

“Small homes have charm too. Many people say they were surprised we didn’t pick the Bond House, while it was a great home, the space was just too large for us. We know that even this house will be a project to keep up when we’re not here. Good thing the community here in laurel is always eager to help!”

Josh + Giorgio’s master bedroom as it is today (Iron bed and side table from Lott Furniture Co.)

Favorite place to take your dogs while you’re in town?

“We live to take our dogs to Mason Park! They even have a dog park.”

Hemingway chilling by my grandfather’s desk!

Interested in something you see here? Comment for pricing, or email us! 

We are so proud to be such a small part of HGTV’s Home Town, and can’t wait for you to see what’s up next! Sign up in the gold box for email updates on Home Town, Laurel happenings and history, and design tips to make your home shine!

-Keri Rowell, Lott Furniture Co.

Why Spring Clean When You Can Spring Refresh!

I don’t know about you, but it’s time for me to update my home for spring! This girl is itching for some pops of color and texture to add some fun to my space. Working at a furniture store, you better believe that I have scoured the store for the perfect additions, and I now have enough furniture on my list to fill up AT LEAST three homes.

If you know me then you know that I am covered in tattoos and have hot pink hair. I need something that screams “We are here to have fun up in this place!” Take a look at this gorgeous chair from Chairs of America. This particular one has been used on HGTV’s HomeTown several times, but I want it in this bright mustard fabric. Don’t we love a custom order? Paired with this pink traditional style rug, my candy-store bubble-gum dreams have come true. 

If you aren’t like me and don’t need to redesign your entire space whenever you’re bored, stop by Lott and add a few bits and bobs to breathe some new life into your space. A lot can be done with just a new lamp in an interesting shape or new pillows in fun colors. 

I am in love with these pillows! You better hurry by and pick them up because these babies are on my list! I’ve paired these with this sofa to add dimension and color to it. Investing in a sofa in a neutral tone and a classic shape gives you the freedom to switch out the pillows with each season. Floral patterns are very in for spring (as always), but they are even more accessible in these muted tones. Paired with complimentary mauve and textured black and white keeps it fun and carefree but still “pulled-together.”

This chair is everything. This piece gives you a color palette that works with anything with the addition of those amazing wooden arms, both making it perfect for a modern rustic style home. And can’t you just see it being showcased on an episode of HomeTown?!

We just got this dining room set in store, and we love it! It is perfect for a small space, and the price is right for anyone. Black and white plaid is really in for spring, so we dressed it with cloth napkins in the print. Changing out your dining room table dressings can do so much for “spring-ifying” your home with minimal effort. 

I cannot wait to help you freshen up your space for the season. Honestly, you need to come in soon before I buy everything that we have in stock. Give me something to funnel all of this design energy into! See you soon!

-Haley Beasley


Holiday Gift Guide 2019

It’s that time again…time for last minute Christmas gifts! No worries, we’ve got something for that special someone, dirty santa, Mom, and more. Read along for some great gift ideas and just one more reason to #shoplocal! 

Jingle Bell Wine Stopper – $5

Grabbing a friend a bottle of wine? These are perfect to add a festive touch.

Downtown Laurel Mug – $12

Got a coffee-drinker? Grab them a mug and a bag of coffee!

Hand-poured Holiday Candle – $30-$35

Everyone loves a candle. These are even Laurel-themed! All natural soy candles with premium essential oil scents in solid teak wood bowls.

Favorite Things about Christmas Tea Towel – $8

How cute is this tea towel? And totally relatable.

Holiday Matchboxes – $5

The perfect little something to add to your candle gift.

Assorted Ornaments – $10 and under

Ornaments are the perfect add-on to any gift! They’re even great tied on to a wrapped gift box.

Limited Edition Downtown Laurel Sweatshirt – $35

Super soft and warm way to rep your Downtown!

Holiday Pillows – $40 and under

We have a great assortment of Holiday pillows that will get your home looking great for your Christmas party!

Hand-crafted Solid White Oak Porch Rocker – $139

This is a great one for anybody! These jumbo rockers are made by a family business in Tennessee.

Votives and Tableware – Various Prices

Get that dining room ready for company!

There’s still time to #shoplocal this Holiday season! We encourage you to spend your time and money in Downtown Laurel this year to keep your local community strong.

-Keri Rowell, Lott Furniture Co.

Mother’s Day 2019 Gift Ideas

Last minute Mother’s Day shopping? No worries! We’ve got you covered. From rocking chairs to candles, we know what Mom will love.

And this weekend, Friday-Saturday, we are having our annual Sidewalk Sale. It’s the perfect time to come grab something for Mother’s Day! Pillows, throws, lamps, accessories, and rugs will all be heavily discounted. Deals starting at just $1! 

Something for her Living Room

Whether you want to do something big like a new sofa or sectional, or even just a new lamp, we’re sure Mom will love the refresher for her space.

A Porch Rocker

This one speaks for itself. Who doesn’t love a good porch rocker?

LMCo. Home

Why not get her something that will last a lifetime? We know she’s been eyeing a piece (or two).

A Candle

We saved this one for last, because it works every time. You can’t go wrong with a candle!

Our Mississippi pottery candle is a best seller. Not only does it smell good, but when it burns out, you’ve got a pottery dish! (It even has “Laurel” etched into the bottom) These are one-of-a-kind, and hand-thrown.

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-Keri Rowell, Lott Furniture Co.