Christmas at Lott Furniture 2.0

If you are a Laurel-ite, then you are more than aware of how beautiful the town becomes during the holiday season. Beginning at Christmas Open House and ending right before New Years, every shop in Downtown Laurel gets decked out for the holidays with trees, gifts, extravagant window displays, classic Christmas tunes, etc.

Everyone is used to Lott Furniture going all out for Christmas, and this year we have really outdone ourselves. We have extended our gift section, went all in on our window decor, and filled our Christmas trees with ornaments until they are practically tipping over.

The best part of our selection at Lott this year is how many styles that we have to offer to fit any Christmas aesthetic.



If you prefer more of a traditional look for the holidays, this grouping is perfect. We love these matching ornaments and decorative trees with a glittery-birch finish! And this pillow is one of my personal favorite Christmas items in the store.



If you have a more modern or mid-century aesthetic, these pieces are perfect for you! The jewel tones mixed with pops of gold metals are perfect for a modern holidays! These taper holders come in these two styles and could be used after the holidays. And this metal tree actually lights up! So cute!



We all know that rattan and woven pieces are trendy all year-round, but they fit perfectly in with your Christmas decor! This rattan tree is one our favorite holiday pieces in the store. It is perfect for a boho vibe, especially paired with that amazing woven stocking! And look at that pillow!



If you are trying to go against the grain this holiday, these pieces are anything but traditional! We have a huge selection of unique pieces this year at Lott, and these are just a few!  Those Christmas trees are super cute and add a pop of something special to your home! I have a few of those pink ceramic trees throughout my home! We also have felt alphabet ornaments, and do you see that huge ornament in the middle? It is so soft and fun; you just have to come into the store to see it for yourself!

We made sure that Lott Furniture Co. is your one-stop-shop for you Christmas decorations, gifts, etc. We all deserve a wonderful and festive holiday season after this year, and there is nothing better than snuggling up on your couch in a home decked out with pieces that give you Christmas joy!

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