Downtown Laurel’s Best Photo Spots

It’s no secret that Downtown Laurel is full of beautiful photo-ops, but we’re sharing a list of the very best. Keep reading for some backdrops to kick up your Instagram feed hand-picked by the locals.

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1. “The Yard” at Laurel Mercantile

Two amazing murals, a shade tree, antique trucks; what more could you ask for?

Locals’ Tip: Hop to this photo spot before 10am when The Merc opens to get beautiful morning light/pedestrian free photos all to yourself.

2. Laurel’s Historic District

Our historic district is so darn photogenic, all the photographers around here flock to it.

Locals’ Tip: You can take photos in front of both the Laurel Rogers Museum of Art and the Rogers-Green House across the street. Gardiner park is another local favorite! Head South, and find it after hanging a right off of 5th Ave on W 7th St. It’ll be on your left!

3. The “Adam Trest” Wall

Right across from Trustmark Bank, this Eagle Scout project turned into a Downtown favorite! These banners are some beautiful Loblolly pines by one of our favorite Laurel artists, Adam Trest.

Locals’ tip: This wall is right next to one of the biggest free parking lots in Downtown Laurel! It’s also right behind the back entrance of Lee’s Coffee & Tea.

4. Maker’s Alley

Maker’s Alley is no secret photo spot. Just about every local has taken photos back here!

The beautiful bricks, old doors, and soft sunlight are just begging for a photo-shoot.

Fun Fact: Sometime in the 80s, the Hawaiian Tropics Girls took a group photo in front of this door! We wish we could show you!

5. Under the Lott Furniture Co. Sign

Lott Furniture Co. is a must stop. We are the oldest retail business in Laurel, and our Lott sign is original from the 1920s.

Many visitors have taken photos with Rodney right in this spot. Erin and Mallorie approved!

Come in and ask Rodney where his other favorite photo spots are!

6. The Downtown Laurel Mural

Laurelites are real proud of this mural! This is great proof of your trip to Mississippi’s Home Town.

Fun Fact: This mural was designed by Erin Napier herself for a local leadership group!

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-Keri Rowell, Lott Furniture Co.

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  1. Jon Harper
    Jon Harper says:

    I just love seeing everything positive about Laurel and especially Lott Furniture Company since my Great Aunt and Uncle were Blondie and Rueben Lott and Doc and Martha Powell were my Grandparents who worked along side with Ms Nellie for many years. I spent many a summer in what I call “God’s country”. Thank you all so much!


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