Get Your Apartment Back-To-School Ready!


2020 has thrown us into a whirlpool that is not ready to spit us out quite yet, to be honest.

During the chaos, schools are starting back up around the country.  If you are starting college in the fall or upcoming spring semester, then maybe you are venturing into renting your first apartment! What better way to find a balance in this crazy time than to make sure your home is cozy, inviting, and a space that inspires productivity!

This sofa and loveseat set pictured above is PERFECT for adding a lounge area to a small apartment! We’ve dressed it with neutral creams, grays, and mauves to add a modern, soft feel. For only $799 for both pieces, this will go quick so make sure to snag it up before you head back to school!

If your space doesn’t allow you to put an entire set in your living room, consider adding only a sofa! This mid-century piece is an upgrade on the classic futon that we all came to know and love in our college years, and it’s even comfier!

Maximizing your space is going to be essential in a small apartment or dorm this year. Space-saving hacks such as storage bins or specifically placed shelving will always be go-to’s to get the most use out of your home! Here at Lott Furniture, we love a blanket ladder! They are stylish and practical to hang up your throws and quilts, but you can even use them to store belts or scarves!

A comfy and sleek chair will be extremely handy for reading, studying, and lounging in your home. Cram for that final in style with these neutral and unique accent chairs that are small enough to fit in any nook and cranny of that studio apartment!

It is very important to try and separate your sleeping area and your work area. I know that we all LOVE to lay on the bed with our laptop and write our 12-page essay, but if you have the room, investing in a small desk can make a huge difference in that rest-work balance. This desk is beautifully made and has enough storage for any school supplies. The style and color fits with any aesthetic, as well!

Your bedroom is the place where you will relax after a long day of classes, practices, rehearsals, studying, etc. Make sure it’s a space that adds peace instead of chaos with warm colors and clean lines. We love this bed from Ben and Erin’s furniture line with Vaughan Bassett! The gray wood makes it easy to dress, but you can get it any three other colors. The ottoman from Coaster that we placed at the end of the bed adds extra seating in a small space, as well!

Whether or not you are moving into a new apartment, dorm, or you are just redecorating your current space to be more school-friendly, using furniture pieces that are comfortable and help you save space is important. Your home should be your spot where you can do your best work and then crash on the couch afterwards with leftovers and Netflix, and any of these pieces and ideas can get you set up for the next semester!

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-Haley Beasley, Lott Furniture Co. 

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