Home Town Season 3 Recap: The Bolden Family

Last night on Home Town, we saw something that’s never happened before! Keep reading, and we’ll fill you in.

On this episode, we met Jean and Charles Bolden! They’re newlyweds that have been living in Jean’s parents’ garage apartment, and were looking for a home of their own with a little more privacy. Jean mentioned wanting something that looked “quaint” and “cozy” on the outside, with open space on the inside.

Jean and Charles are both pretty artsy, while Jean works at our art museum and Charles works at a local factory. With a budget of $180,000, we think Ben and Erin can find them their dream house!

Photo provided by RTR Media

The Maddox House

Our first stop is the Maddox House! We definitely didn’t have to travel far from the Boldens’ current apartment, because this house was about 20 yards away!

It gets its name from Dwight and Hazel Maddox, who bought it in the 40s and lived there for 50 years. It’s 1,800 square feet, built in 1912 (hello, character!), and features 2 bedrooms and one bathroom.

The exterior was in great condition, and it definitely feels quaint and cozy already! The interior had original hardwood floors, and some pretty open common spaces!

It’s only listed at $90,000, so there should be plenty of room to make it feel like home for the Boldens.

Best Takeaway: This isn’t even about the house, but their cat, Minnie, made an appearance and we think it was a sign. Very cute.

The Drummond House

Our second home gets its name from Charles and Edna Drummond, who bought the house in 1939 and lived there for over 30 years. It’s only $5,000 more than the Maddox House ($95,000), is 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and 1,500 square feet.

The first thing we noticed was the brick. And the screens.

To us, there wasn’t anything drastically bad about it, but it just didn’t scream Jean and Charles.

And they must have agreed with us, because they chose to not even go inside! (This is the first time this has ever happened on the show!)

We love people who know what they want.

The McLelland House

And now, the third option! This home is a bit more expensive at $125,000 but is bigger! It’s 2,100 square feet, with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Built in the 1950s, it has a mid-century ranch vibe.

The first thing we noticed was the turf, yes turf, covering the porch. Okay?

The rest of the exterior is more modern than the Maddox house, but feels dated in a way. Not bad at all, though! Erin’s plans to bring it into 2019 would make a huge difference.

The interior was all 70s. I’m talking color themed rooms. Wallpaper. Yellow carpet. Paneling. Just the works!

Overall, we genuinely didn’t mind it. We kinda dig the 70s! Erin’s ideas to transform it into a modern ranch could be amazing!

Best Takeaway: The open space! There was plenty of room in this house to work with.

The After–The Bolden House

We would have been pleased if the Boldens picked either house, so we were thrilled about their choice! The Maddox house had so much historic charm that was just begging to be restored.

Photo by Erin Napier

This episode had SO many fun DIY’s and projects from a custom door, to Ben’s console, to window boxes made from shutters, to Erin and Mallorie’s handmade wreaths. Our favorite was 100% the front door.

They opened up the kitchen and dining room to make it feel so huge, and made the most beautiful master suite. Perfect for these creative newlyweds!

Overall, we absolutely loved it. Another perfect house down for Home Town!

Did you take a look at the bed in the master suite? It’s from Lott! Contact us to shop the bed and the matching pieces today!

Photo by Erin Napier

-Keri Rowell, Lott Furniture Co.

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