Hygge: The Lifestyle and Design Danes Swear By

A pronunciation guide for all the Southern people (like us) reading this:

-First of all, it’s not pronounced hih-gee or hy-guh, it’s hue-ga. (or hoo-ga depending on who you ask) 

-It’s all because this is a Danish word. Don’t worry, you aren’t crazy! It’s just a different language. 

So, what does it mean?

To simplify it, hygge is all about coziness and simplicity. In Norweigian, the word simply translates to “wellbeing”. This concept is something that Danish/Scandinavian/Norweigian people and more have come to embrace for years now.

In case you didn’t know, Denmark’s inhabitants reign as the world’s happiest people. (Closely followed by Switzerland, Norway, and Finland. Hygge, people!) Just google it!

So although hygge connects to lifestyle in a variety of ways, it also surely links directly to interior design. After all, happiness starts in the home! Or…we think it does, at least.


Even though we live in the hot, humid South, who says we can’t feel all cozy? We’re super ready for Fall and Winter this year. Can you tell?

Hygge- How do I do it?

We’ve gone ahead and done the research for you. Stay tuned for a short list of some easy tips to embrace Hygge!

1. Warm Lighting–Grab Some Candles and Fairy Lights!


Warm lighting is the end-all-be-all of cozy feelings. Whether your prefer scented or unscented, candles make gatherings, baths, and chill-out time way better.

“Rumored as one of the largest consumers of candles in the world per capita, Denmark and other Scandinavian countries have embraced the power of the warming glow of candlelight. Whether scented or unscented, candlelight transforms the clean, fresh style of classic Scandinavian interiors into a flickering escape from winter’s chill and a simple lit candle is seen as one of the most fundamental hygge moments to achieve. Danish brand Skandinavisk have even developed a Hygge fragrance with notes of brewed tea, baked strawberry cake, rose petals and wild mint for the ultimate hygge experience.” – The LuxPad

Wanna try out that candle? Here it is below.

Hygge Scented Candle; Taken from https://skandinavisk.com/product/hygge-190gr-scented-candle/

2. Invest in a Blanket (Or at least some comfy pillows.)

There is nothing more hygge in the home than a soft blanket, pillow, rug, or really any textile! Try layering to get the most out of your space.

And guess what…stay in bed!

“There’s nothing better, or more luxurious, than spending an extra hour or two in bed. Luckily, hygge encourages this concept, whether it’s enjoying a Sunday doze, reading the morning paper, or having breakfast in bed. Create a cozy space to snuggle up in with plenty of layers – pile on the quilts, blankets and pillows for an indulgent place to relax.” – Culture Trip


3. Remember that Hygge is a Mindset

Display treasured memories, throw out clutter that stresses you out, indulge a little, be mindful, and spend meaningful time with loved ones. That’s the true essence of Hygge!


Are you dreaming of some cool weather like us? Although hygge reminds us of Winter-time, it’s something you can embrace year-round. And if you want a little more inspo, we created a Pinterest board just for that.

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-Keri Rowell, Lott Furniture Co.

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