Shop the Show: Home Town Season 4 Episodes 4-7

Home Town Season 4 is just getting better and better…and we bet you agree if you’ve seen the latest episodes!

Lots of viewers and visitors ask, “Where can I get the pieces Erin used in the homes?” Here’s your answers.

We’re going to post here about every piece from our store, and you can find every other resource down to paint colors at RTR Media.

If you want to see more Home Town content, visit HGTV.


Woven Bench, Magazine Rack Side Table, Lamp (right) | Laura Good

Gray Accent Chair | Laura Good

Metal Desk | Laura Good

Emerald Velvet Accent Chair | Laura Good

Beige Accent Chair with Gold and Leather Accents, Gray Sectional, Mustard Throw



Woven Seagrass, Solid Maple Bed, 3-drawer Night Table

COMBE HOUSE | Laura Good

Sectional, White Pillow on Bench, Black and White Throw Pillows | Laura Good

Sectional, Black and White Throw Pillows, Etagere | Laura Good

Solid Maple Seagrass Bench, Solid Maple Night Stand | Laura Good

3-Drawer Solid Maple Nightstand, Solid Maple Woven Seagrass Bench | Laura Good

Solid Maple Dresser Base


Accent Chair, Floor lamp

Solid Maple Dining Table, Solid Maple Server + Metal Hutch

Interested in something you see here? Comment for pricing, or email us! 

We are so proud to be such a small part of HGTV’s Home Town, and can’t wait for you to see what’s up next! Sign up in the gold box for email updates on Home Town, Laurel happenings and history, and design tips to make your home shine!

-Keri Rowell, Lott Furniture Co.

*Disclaimer, all photos in this blog post are taken from HGTV and Laurel Mercantile and are not our property.

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