Transitioning Your Home From Holiday to Spring!

While it might not feel like it outside, the weather is slowly warming up. The days are starting to be sunnier, and the wind doesn’t feel quite as bone-chilling as it did a few weeks ago. With this shift in the seasons comes a potential shift in the vibe you keep in your home! Now it is time to take your space from wintery and warm to bright and airy.

To make that transition seamless and fun, we have made sure to keep pieces in the store that will make it easy as pie to revamp your home for the upcoming spring.

One great way to change up your space in a subtle way is to add pillows! A pillow can really shift the whole feel of a room and, in this case, add a little lightness and color.

These pillows are so fun and unique! Whether you want to add a solid color in a pop of color or a beautiful floral print, these pillows are just a few of what we have to amp up your space for spring.

Switching out accessories is by far the easiest way to really change your home throughout the year. Lamps, throw blankets, and decor can really tie a room together to help portray whatever aesthetic you choose.

A cream or white textured lamp can be a great addition to your living room.

A woven style is really on-trend at the moment, and this blanket makes a perfect fit for that style!

Using vases as decor items is an easy way to dress up and change the feel of your space with just a small piece. Sometimes the simplest of things can make the biggest impact in a room!

These coasters are so fun and quirky, and they add a ton of personality table to your coffee table.

While dressing up your home for the colder months adds a cozy and warm feel to your space, the winter-to-spring transition is just as important and fun! Now that we have been spending more time inside, it feels essential now, more than ever, to create a space that is inviting, fun, and comfortable for everyone. Expressing your creative side with decor and small pieces is easy to do with what we have to offer.

For any design assistance or questions, please click the gold button! We can’t wait to make that spring shift with y’all!

-Haley Beasley, Lott Furniture Co.




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