Working from Home: Cozy AND Productive!

Who says you can’t relax and kick your feet up while meeting your work deadlines?

Whether you are running a business or writing blogs, a home office needs to be just as comfy and inviting as, let’s say, your living room while still giving you that inspiration to get things done!

Nothing is easy right now, and I know that doing our part by staying at home is causing us to be a little stir-crazy, but re-organizing or creating your home office can help you feel a little more at ease with your new “work-from-home” life!

1.  Whether you’re sitting at your desk or on the couch, organization is key!

Obviously, investing in a planner of sorts is a must. Finding containers to hold your pens, pencils, paper clips, etc. will also keep your space clean and clutter-free. I used mason jars to organize all of my small pieces needed for my desk!

Even if you are doing your work in the bed while binging your favorite TV show in the background, keeping your space free of extra tid-bits is essential.

Sit up, and make sure your coffee is near and your bedside lamp is on! This will create an environment more accessible to work in!

2. Treat yourself to the PERFECT desk!



Whether you want a desk with a ton of storage or something more streamlined and simple, it will create the perfect centerpiece for a home office that is not only functional but inviting!



This desk from Coaster America is perfect for those of you who want their things out of sight, out of mind! With four drawers of varying depths, you can tuck away everything from your envelopes to your laptop!

Keep it simple on top by adding an office lamp and some fake succulents and you have the perfect space to get that homework done that you’ve been putting off!

If you are anything like me, “organized clutter” is more your jam! As long as you know where everything is, that’s all that matters. Just make sure that your desk speaks to you and your work.


Personally, I am obsessed with color throughout the entire home, but there is no better place for some added fun and inspiration than your home office.

Spice up the space with colorful pillows, seating, organizational bins, and more to make your work environment more inviting and creative!


This floor poof from Creative Co-Op is beautiful with pops of pink and yellow to help foster a happy space!

We are all learning how to continue to keep our creative juices and positivity flowing during this less-than-ideal time in our lives. The most important things is that your home and your space is inspiring to you for whatever you’re doing!

We are here to help. For design advice, sales, email updates, and more, sign up in the gold box! Lott Furniture cannot WAIT to see your beautiful faces soon!

-Haley Beasley, Lott Furniture Co.


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